Tent of the future

This gadget may change the future of camping. It has solar panels, wi-fi internet access and it glows in the dark. But that’s not all…

Orange Solar Tent Concept

 (source: www.bornrich.com)

This concept vision of future outdoor tent is provided by Orange (the key brand of the France Telecom Group).  Solar tent is made of photovoltaic fabric (coated fabric) which is specially coated solar threads woven into conventional fabric. Special fabric captures solar energy which can be used for charging mobile phones or other portable devices.

Solar tent concept has also feature called “glo-cation”. How it works? If you would look for your tent on the campsite just send SMS message and it will start glowing in the dark. I wonder what would happen if many campers would look for their solar tents in the same time:)? Campsite disco.

Solar tent

  (source: www.bornrich.com)

Solar tent has wireless control hub that shows  information (on touch screen LCD display) what kind of energy was generated and consumed. Via this device you can also set desired temperature inside the tent because construction has heating elements. This wireless hub also provides wireless internet access.

The future of camping looks really promising.  It’s a shame that is only conceptual product.