Misa Digital Kitara

How to play guitar without strings? You won’t need them. Just tap touch-screen and hear digital sound of Kitara.

Misa Kitara (source: misadigital.com)

This experimental instrument was designed by Misa Digital Instruments. It’s similar to electric guitar but only in shape.  Kitara (official name of instrument) has digital interface designed to easily and intuitively control digital audio.

According to information given by producer:

“Most musicians today use some form of audio synthesis or sampling in their music. Virtually any type of sound can be created using these methods. Traditionally, digital piano keyboards have been the dominant instrument for controlling these sounds real-time in a musical setting”.

Misa provides instrument that unites traditional guitar playing with digital sound and also allows guitarist to use playing techniques that are not possible on digital keyboard.

Misa digital guitar - Kitara

(source: misadigital.com)

Kitara gives guitarist wide range of possibilities. Digital guitar has 24 frets neck (guitar hasn’t got strings so every fret has buttons), a multi touch screen and built-in polyphonic synthesizer. What it mean for guitarist? A wide range of music capabilities. You can apply various digital effects, including distortion, delay and modulation, and you can control these effects through the touch panel interface. You can even assign different effect to different string on LCD display. Kitara additional software runs on Linux and it’s open source what gives you chance to create and develop your music without any boundaries. Maybe with one small limitation Misa digital guitar cost over $800.