Funny foot tattoos

Thinking about getting a new tattoo? Or just considering the idea of  getting a first one? There are plenty of cute, funny, beautiful and crazy foot tattoo designs out there and maybe you will want to consider one of them as a great possibility. They are often very small, simple designs, and not very intricate. Because of  the size the price of a foot tattoo and the time commitment to get one are also small. Here you will find a choice of cute, funny, strange, crazy or simply unusual foot tattoo designs.

Boats foot tattoo

Peace tattoo

Flower foot tattoo

Cake foot tattoo

Face foot tattoo

Mouth foot tattoo

Cherry foot tattoo

Mario Bros foot tattoo1

Mari Bros foot tattoo

Spiders foot tattoo

Heart foot tattoo

Faith foot tattoo

Universe foot tattoo

Stars foot tattoo

Rose and love foot tattoo

Birds tattoo

Cat feet foot tattoo

[Credits: PedroKid, philippe leroyer, Lilyshipwreck, intheroad5250, brave heart, BlaqqCat Tattoos, tomiscolour, sunnybuick, graphic.ward, izatrini, Tattoo Lover, KendylBaxter]